Scared Fire Within (2021-2023)

4k video, sound, 22:00 min


Sacred Fire Within explores how a society driven by representation affects individuals as they navigate their needs within the perceived demands of capitalism. The film follows a protagonist whose search for meaning comes in conflict with her environment. As she moves through spaces gradually transitioning from private to public—places of mainstream affluence - hotels, parking lots, cars—they act as a material buffer between the protagonist and the society, between the ambiguity of life and its representation.

Similarly to lifestyle videos, it places an individual at the center of a product light, casting perpetual desirability, newness, comfort, and promise onto the protagonist, while also revealing her relationship with the image she’s creating.


The film’s soundtrack is 22 minutes of sonic atmosphere, such as the background sounds of the room, the city outside the window, and the character’s interactions with objects around her. In this atmosphere, her thoughts—a reflection of her future self—serve as commentary on material processes as metaphors for the experiences of the protagonist’s inner life. Moments, choreographed and performed by the artist Emmilou Rößling, blend words and movement, thoughts and feelings, leaving us with an indefinable but palpable sense of meaning.


Performance & choreography: Emmilou Rößling

Production coordinator: Monika Lipšic

Technical advisory & assistance: Julija Goyd

Driving assistance: Ruben Zemog

Cinematography and camera: Daiva Tubutytė

Camera and production advisory: Désirée Pfenninger, Hee-Seong Han.

Editing: Daiva Tubutytė

Sound recordings:  Julija Goyd, Daiva Tubutytė

Sound design: Daiva Tubutytė

Supported by Lithuanian Council for Culture


Past presentations:

15-23/10/2022 B3 Biennial of the Moving Image, Frankfurt am Main

17-19/12/2021 Coming of Age, Videograms festival, Skalvija, Vilnius