HD video, sound, colour, 07:53 min, 2017


Seamless is comprised of abstracted imagery and sounds of everyday objects from globalised world and hints to the invisible movement of time (‘Speed of things’ as called by Spinoza) in each each of them.


'I like rocks. I love rocks. They are peaceful.' - says a woman who’s apartment filled with rocks is documented on the show ‘Hoarders’. In her book ‘Vibrant Matter’ Jane Bennet notes that ‘If the volume of the hoard is large enough it could create a cocoon of slow mater (comfort clutter).’


Each body is subject to change, as it has a membrane that can be permeated by other objects. So all bodies, including the human body, are interconnected at all times, passing qualities of their own on to the bodies surrounding them and vice-versa.


10/12/2017 Tell me about the ones..., Wavelengths, TIFF, Toronto

17/12/2017 Open Studio Sunday, Ashley Berlin, Berlin

09/01/2018 Der Plug #1 @ Osloer Straße 16, Berlin



180° TIFF PROGRAMME GUIDE: Volume 8 Issue 3, p. 49